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Robert Downey Jr. Height, Weight, Wife, Age, Biography & More

Robert Downey Jr. Height, Weight, Wife, Age, Biography & More

By - Nilesh Kumar  

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Robert Downey Biography:

Robert Downey.Jr Is An American Fil Actor Producer, Director, Who Is Know For Rdj And Iron man Which Have Act In Top Grossing Movies Like Iron Man, Avengers Age Of Ultron ,Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame, Spider Man Far From Home Or More Like This. Robert DowneyJr. has delineated  the Marvel medium Universe's Tony Stark/ Iron Man since 2008, showing in eleven flicks at intervals the ballot. His add the series has been praised as a number of his upmost amusement, earning him worldwide recognition and infinite awards. He attained AN honour nomination for Chaplin( 1992) likewise as Saturn Awards and alternative Critics' selection Awards for straightforward Rider( 1969), Tropic Thunder( 2008), Supposed Former passion Junkie( 2002). 

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Some Fun Fact About - Robert Downey. Jr.

  • Before Coming To Industry Robert .Jr Was Very addicted to Drugs , Alcohol, Smoking Etc.
  • He Is School Dropout, He Went To College.
  • Her Father Is A famous Filmaker Or Producer ,Robert John Downey. Sr 
  • He Has A Net Worth Of $300 Million Dollar.
  • RDJ (Robert Downey. Jr) First Fall In Love With  Sarah Jessica Parker Jessica .
  • RDJ (Robert Downey. Jr) Is One Of The Actor Who Get Paid More Than Other Actor In Avenegers Or Other Seies Of Marvel.
  • He Is Acting From His Childhood
  • RDJ Has His  Own Company Give Him a Nice Revenue (Team Downey)
  • Jim Downey Is Her Uncle , Who Know For  Stage Comedian Or American Author.
  •  Downey .junior Come On The Top Of The List Of Most  appearances in Marvel Movies Or Series.
  • Can You Imagine That Robert Downey Came Offer To Role In Maverick 'Top Gun ' In Past.
  •  In Iron 2 (2010) Movie World Richest Person 'Elon Musk' Have Played a Role, With Robert Downey .Jr Know For (Iron Man). 
  • The Upcomig Movie Of Downery. Jr Is Gonna Be Special Because The Film Director Will Be A Famous Man - (Christopher Nolan) - Distributed By - Universal Pictures, (Oppenheimer) Release Date - 21 July 2023.

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Some More Information About Downey .junior.:-

Full Name

Robert Downey .Junior

Also Known as

RDJ, Iron Man ,Chaplin  Bob, Bob Downey

Profession (s)

Main Profession

Other Profession
Entrepreneur, Model,

Famous For

Chaplin, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes.

Date of Birth

4 April 1965



Birth Place

Manhattan New York United States

Current Residence

New York ,America


Jewish Buddhist




174 Cm

Zodiac Sign



Martial Arts



Robert Downey. Sr


Elsie Ford


Allyson Downey


Susan Downey, Debroah Falconer Downey


Indio Falconer downey Or  More.

Marriage Date

Susan Downey, or More


Educational Qualification


College (s)


School (s)

Santa Monica High School

Net Worth

$325 Million Dollar



Peter O' Toole


Susan Downey Or More.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Iron Man, Avengers Endgame




Chocolate Cake , cheese , Italian Food, Hot Dog.


Canada, New York ,Manhattan Usa.

Food Habit

Chocolate Cake , cheese , Pizza, Hot Dog , Burger.

Debut Movies


Pound (1970)


Iron Man 


Iron Man Fun Facts You Must Know:-

  • Tony Stark (Iron Man) is Human But He Balanced All Infinity Stone.
  • Tony Stark Is Unique Person Genius Man With IQ About 186.
  • Tony Stark is About $100 Billion Dollar Net Worth.
  • Iron Man Movie Debuted In Year 1963.
  • Iron Man Suit Can Lift About 150 Tonnes Weight.
  • I Love You 3000 Thousand The All Movie Which Iron Man Played Role
  • Did You know That The Weakest Part Of The Iron Man is Her Heart Issues.
  • Iron Man Suit Can Go Upto Speed Of - 85.06 Mph.
Upcoming Movies of Robert Downey.Junior.

  • Pinocchio - 8 September 2022.
  • OpenHeimer - 21 July 2023.

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