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Darkest Show Of Netflix With Suspense, Horror, Crime Related Series ''1899''

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    1899 is a multilingual German epic length mystery-technology fiction tv collection created through Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. It premiered on Netflix on Revolutionary Organization terrorist organization 2022. 

    It has obtained broadly speaking high-quality vital reviews, with reward for its casting, directing, cinematography, and acting, aleven though a few criticised its pacing as slow. The creators have thoughts for 2 extra seasons


    Set in 1899, the collection follows a collection of European emigrants journeying from Southampton, UK on a steamship named Kerberos to begin new lives in New York City, USA


    1899 had a two-episode optimum on forty seventh Toronto International Film Festival on 12 September 2022. The collection released on Netflix on Revolutionary Organization terrorist organization 2022, at the side of a partner making-of documentary titled Making 1899.

    Netflix introduced some days after release, that 1899 turned into in fifty eight international locations the maximum watched manufactured from all of the services to be had on Netflix at that time.

    1899 Series Star Cast :

    • Andreas Pietschmann
    • Emily Beecham
    • Mathilde Ollivier
    • Miguel Bernardeau
    • Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen
    • Aneurin Barnard
    • Maciej Musiał
    • Clara Rosager
    • Isabella Wei
    • José Pimentão
    • Fflyn Edwards
    • Alexandre Willaume
    • Jonas Bloquet
    • Anton Lesser
    • Yann Gael
    • Rosalie Craig
    • Isaak Dentler
    • Maria Erwolter
    • Alexandra Gottschlich
    • Gabby Wong
    • Joshua Jaco Seelenbinder
    • Tino Mewes
    • Ben Ashenden
    • Heidi Toini Øieren
    • Richard Hope
    • Alexander Owen

    1899 (Tv series) Episodes: No.- 8

    E01 · The Ship

    17 Nov 2022

    Maura enables a pregnant woman; the captain makes a courageous selection after receiving a message from a misplaced deliver and discovers some thing mind-bending.

    E02 · The Boy

    17 Nov 2022

    The captain reports unexplainable flashbacks; a abnormal guy follows Maura to her cabin in which a boy is hiding; a trojan horse results in a tragedy on deck.

    E03 · The Fog

    17 Nov 2022


    A female and different passengers go through a horrible fate; Olek frees Ling Yi from a box; the captain makes a discovery that demanding situations his accept as true with in Maura.

    E04 · The Fight

    17 Nov 2022

    Several group contributors and passengers seek the deliver for the boy after locking up the captain, Olek, Jérome, and Ramiro; Krester`s secret's revealed.

    E05 · The Calling

    17 Nov 2022

    Maura has horrible flashbacks and makes a stunning move; a valid leads a few passengers to leap overboard; Maura makes a discovery approximately her father.

    E06 · The Pyramid

    17 Nov 2022

    Tove has frightening flashbacks and desires to kill the boy; Daniel follows Maura and the captain right into a abnormal place; Maura's father seems with a message.

    E07 · The Storm

    17 Nov 2022

    Daniel asks Maura for some thing she does not understand; Olek and Ling Yi steer the deliver earlier than a tragedy occurs; Elliot's identification involves light.

    E08 · The Key

    17 Nov 2022

    Maura tells the passengers an fantastic truth; then, their reminiscences shift, and Daniel adjustments a code; Maura faces an sudden reality.


    The price range for the collection turned into at least €60 million ($62.2 million) with €2 million coming from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, €10 million coming from the German Motion Picture Fund, and Netflix investing €forty eight million withinside the project. 1899 is the maximum steeply-priced German tv collection of all time

    1899 (TV collection) Season 2

    1899 is a drama that may be a aggregate of mystery, horror and sci-fi. There is an array of suspense in it. Netflix is quickly to release season 2 of 1899. There are many expectancies approximately it.

    However, season 1 took six months to shoot and turned into launched in November 2022 –

    1899 Series Trailer



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