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Lost (2023) Movie Review: Yami Gautam And His Performance in Film -

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    lost movie full review in hindi

    This film is a crime thriller. Incidents of child-lifting have become very common in the country. This film talks openly on this subject. Every day many children go missing in the country. If we talk about Calcutta alone, then every month 500 to 600 people go missing in this city alone. 

    This film is based on this subject, hence the name of this film has also been kept as Lost. The film begins at a police station. A girl comes to this police station to file a missing report for her brother.

    When Yami Gautam, who is playing the role of a girl named Vidhi in the film, catches sight of that girl, she starts investigating the whole matter. Yami Gautam is seen playing the role of a journalist in this film. When the method reaches the depth of this matter, it comes to know that this is not an isolated case. All such cases are happening every month across the country.

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    After investigating the matter, the police tries to close the case by saying that the missing boy named Ishaan has joined some Naxalite organization. Vidhi doesn't have any faith in the matter of the police, she meets the city's MLA Umanshkar regarding this case. She meets Ishaan's girlfriend Ankita Chauhan during the investigation of this case. During the investigation of this case, Vidhi comes to know that this case is not as simple as it seems.

    Lost Cast and Crew, Release and More:

    Series Name:Lost
    Lead Cast:Piaa Bajpai, Rohit Basfore, Yogesh Bhardwa
    Director:Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury
    Producer:Kishor Arora, Yami Gautam, Sam Fernande, Shareen Mantri Kedia
    Release Date:16 February 2023
    IMDB Rating:5.5/10
    Genre:Thriller, Drama

    Lost ZEE5 Movie Trailer

    Here you can watch the Trailer of Lost Full Movie Download Filmywap online. The news of the film being delayed for the fourth time comes just three days before its nationwide release on December 31.
    Yami Gautam plays Riddhi Sahni, a crime reporter who is ruthless in her pursuit of the truth in Anirudh Roy Chowdhury's Lost.
    The trailer begins with the disclaimer that around 665 people go missing in India every year. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, one person goes missing every two minutes. Yami asks what is more important for a reporter, truth or doing the right thing?
    Lost is believed to be based on true events. It follows Yami's search for the truth as she investigates on her own, running into trouble with powerful people along the way.

    Lost Full movie Cast

    Yami Gautam is playing the role of a journalist in this film. The trailer of this film which has been released looks amazing. Let us tell you that Yami Gautam is a famous artist in the world of Hindi films. Apart from Yami Gautam, Pankaj Kapoor, Rahul Khanna and Neelu Bhoopalam have also played important roles in this film.
    Yami Gautam
    Riddhi Sahani
    Tushar PandeyIshan Bharti
    Pankaj KapurNanu
    Rahul KhannaRanjan Varman
    Neil BhoopalamJeet
    Pia BajpieeAnkita

    Lost Movie Acting

    You can call this film Yami Gautam's film. This film completely rests on the shoulders of Yami Gautam. Yami Gautam has already played a strong character in films like A Thursday just like this film. Yami Gautam has done an amazing job in this film. The entire story of Lost seems to revolve around the character of Yami Gautam. Yami Gautam has done full justice to her character.
    He has played the role of a journalist very well. In this film, she is looking more like Yami Gautam, less a journalist. Apart from Yami Gautam, other actors have also performed amazingly in this film.

    Lost Movie Release Date and Time

    Lost Movie has been released worldwide on February 10, 2023 at 09:00 am IST. On the other hand, if you have subscription of Theater, then you can watch it online by streaming it. At the same time, if you want, you can also download it in your mobile or computer.
    Behold! The upcoming release of Lost, an investigative thriller drama will make its debut on ZEE5 on the 16th of February in the year of our Lord 2023. This epic tale of true events will be helmed by none other than the illustrious Anirudh Roy Chowdhury. Director of the acclaimed film Pink.
    Get ready to be awe-inspired by the performances of Yami Gautam, Pankaj Kapur, Rahul Khanna and Neil Bhoopalam, who will essay the lead roles in this captivating tale. It will be bankrolled jointly by the illustrious ZEE Studios and Namah Pictures, helmed by Kishore Arora, Sharin Mantri Kedia, Sam Fernandes and Indrani.
    The anticipation levels for this cinematic masterpiece are nothing short of staggering, with its combination of gripping drama and intense thrills keeping audiences glued to their seats. The mind boggling twists and turns of this movie will definitely leave your mind in a state of confusion and wonder.
    Truly, the release of Lost is an event not to be missed, a momentous occasion that will leave a lasting impression on all who bear witness to its greatness.

    Lost Full movie download HD ,480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K

    Lost Movie is an amazing thriller suspense film. The story of this film is such that it will keep you hooked till the end. If you are fond of watching suspense movies, then you must watch this movie at least once. This film is present on G-5. 
    You can easily watch this movie on G-5. It is better than downloading this film that you watch this film on OTT.
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