Das Ka Dhamki (2023) Film - Release date, Review, Cast, Trailer, Negative And Positive Points

"Das Ka Dhamki" is a partially entertaining film with a simple story and unsatisfactory twists, elevated by Vishwaksen's lively performance.

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    The movie revolves around Krishna Das (Vishwaksen), a waiter working at a high-end hotel who dreams of making it big in life. One day, he meets Keerthi (Nivetha Pethuraj) and is instantly smitten by her. To impress her, he lies about his financial status and conceals his true profession.

    Meanwhile, there is another character named Dr. Sanjay Rudra (also played by Vishwaksen), who is the CEO of SR Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Sanjay is a visionary who wants to eradicate cancer from the world and creates a miraculous drug for the same. Unfortunately, Sanjay dies in an accident just as he is about to launch the drug.

    As the story unfolds, Keerthi discovers Krishna Das's true identity and he loses his job as a result. However, Sanjay's uncle (Rao Ramesh) comes up with a plan to save the Pharma company by bringing in Krishna Das to replace Sanjay.

    The rest of the movie explores how this twist of fate changes Krishna Das's life and the consequences of the deception he created. Will he be able to keep up the charade? How will it affect his relationship with Keerthi and the future of the Pharma company? The movie holds all the answers.

    Das Ka Dhamki Overview

    Film NameDas Ka Dhamki
    Release dateMarch 22, 2023
    Director                                                   Vishwaksen
    Vishwaksen, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Rohini Molleti, Ajay, Hyper Aadi, Akshara Gowda, Shaurya Kare, Mahesh Achatna & Others

    ProducersKarate Raju
    Music DirectorLeon James
    Dinesh K Babu
    Production CompanyVanmaye Creations Vishwaksen Cinemas

    Negative Point 

    Before the release of the film, there was a lot of hype about the second half being a game-changer that would shock viewers. Unfortunately, the execution fell short of expectations.

    The story is simplistic and lacks novelty, having been seen in several other movies. To compensate, the filmmakers tried to include multiple twists one after the other. However, these twists lack conviction and come across as forced, leading to confusion for the audience due to the abrupt editing. It's evident that these twists were inserted to keep the storyline moving, but they failed to enhance the movie's substance.

    The attempts to add entertainment value were not sufficient to keep the audience engaged. The cancer drug angle was poorly handled, resulting in uninteresting scenes. The item number towards the end felt out of place, undermining the film's impact. Moreover, even an excellent actor like Rohini was wasted in a role that lacked any significance.

    In conclusion, while the film attempted to bring something new to the table, it failed to deliver due to its weak execution and lack of substance.

    Positive Point

    Vishwaksen is a versatile performer who has showcased his talent in his previous films. With "Das Ka Dhamki," he demonstrated his ability to fit into a commercial hero role. Playing Krishna Das, he is energetic and engaging, making the movie entertaining with his comic timing and antics. His performance is effortless, and he effortlessly showcases ample variation for both of his characters. In some scenes, his acting is first-rate, and he keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

    The first half of the movie lacks a solid plot but moves at a brisk pace, and the entertainment factor and comedy work well for the most part. The scenes featuring Vishwaksen, Hyper Aadi, and Jabardast Mahesh are well-executed, and the trio generates a good amount of laughter with their comic timing and histrionics.

    Nivetha Pethuraj plays a glamorous role in "Das Ka Dhamki," and she looks radiant on screen. Her chemistry with the male lead is sparkling, and the fun factor is maintained even in the romantic portions, keeping the audience invested. Rao Ramesh, Prudhvi, and the other supporting cast members do justice to their roles.

    In conclusion, "Das Ka Dhamki" showcases Vishwaksen's versatility as an actor and provides an entertaining experience for the audience.

    Related To Knownledge

    Leon James has done a commendable job with his background score, and some of the songs were good on screen. Dinesh K Babu's cinematography is elegant, and every single frame looks visually appealing. However, the editing leaves a lot to be desired. The production values are top-notch, and the movie looks grand.

    Acting and directing a movie is no easy feat. While Vishwaksen impresses as an actor in "Das Ka Dhamki," his directorial skills fall short of expectations. Although his potential is visible, it fails to translate effectively onto the screen. The twists in the second half feel forced and can be guessed in advance. However, Vishwaksen's ability to inject comedy into the movie is noteworthy.


    In conclusion, "Das Ka Dhamki" provides some entertainment, but not entirely. While the first half is decent, the second half falls below expectations. The movie presents a simple story with some entertainment and numerous unsatisfactory twists. Vishwaksen's lively performance is a highlight, but the film doesn't live up to the hype entirely. It's worth a watch, but it's essential to manage your expectations.

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