Ponniyin Selvan 2 The Cholas are back: Release date, Shooting, StarCast, Storyline, Trailer & more

The second part of Ponniyin Selvan is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023.

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    Ponniyin Selvan 2: Mani Ratnam's historical drama was a captivating spectacle that drew in a wide audience, with particular acclaim from art and history enthusiasts. In this article, you'll discover the release date for Ponniyin Selvan 2, as well as details about the filming, cast, plot, trailer, and other information about this highly anticipated movie of the year. Dive into the article now for more information.

    Ponniyin Selvan 2 Release Date:

    The producers of the epic film 'Ponniyin Selvan' recently revealed exciting news about the movie's sequel. Lyca Productions teased fans with a glimpse of the upcoming 'Ponniyin Selvan 2' through a short clip on Twitter, announcing the return of the Cholas. The much-awaited PS-2 movie is scheduled to release on April 28th, 2023.

    The Tweet garnered numerous likes and shares from thrilled fans. Historical-themed dramas have become increasingly popular with audiences due to their captivating storylines, elaborate sets, and a glimpse into ancient cultures.

    Ponniyin Selvan 2 Overview Details:


    Mani Ratnam




    A R Rahman


    Subashkaran, Mani Ratnam


    Lyca Productions, Madras Talkies

    OTT Platform

    Amazon Prime Video

    OTT Release Date

    April 28, 2023



    Ponniyin Selvan 2 (PS-2) Storyline:

    The story of Ponniyin Selvan is a poignant and captivating tale that follows the journey of a young man as he searches for his identity and purpose in the world. Based on the true story of Kaliammal, a teenager from rural Tamil Nadu, the film chronicles his road trip to find his biological father. 

    Along the way, Kaliammal encounters a diverse cast of unforgettable characters and gains a unique perspective on life that leaves a lasting impact. For those who appreciate heartwarming tales of ordinary individuals overcoming extraordinary challenges, Ponniyin Selvan is a must-see film.

    Ponniyin Selvan: Part One Plot:

    The primary focus of PS1 is the power struggle within the Chola empire, with Karthi's character Vanthiyathevan at its center. Vikram's character Aditha Karikalan entrusts Vanthiyathevan with the critical task of delivering crucial messages to his father Sundara Chola (played by Prakash Raj) and sister Kundhavi (played by Trisha), which are pivotal for safeguarding the kingdom against an impending rebellion aimed at toppling the entire Chola dynasty.

    Ponniyin Selvan: Part Two Production:

    Director Mani Ratnam reportedly shot both parts of Ponniyin Selvan within a span of just 150 days. Originally conceived as a single movie, it was later split into two parts. 

    The first part of the film premiered on September 30 and was released in all five major Indian languages—Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada. It received high praise from audiences who admired the film's storytelling and other aspects.

    Ponniyin Selvan: Part 1 Box-Office Business:

    On September 30, 2022, Mani Ratnam's film adaptation of the Tamil historical fiction novel Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki Krishnamurthy, titled PS: I, was released worldwide to critical acclaim. The movie was lauded for its direction, talented cast, powerful performances, mesmerizing musical score, and stunning visuals. 

    It grossed an impressive Rs. 80 crore on its opening day and went on to earn approximately Rs. 500 crore worldwide, setting several box office records. It became the fourth highest-grossing Tamil film ever made. The Hindi dubbed version of the first part of Ponniyin Selvan also did well, earning about 22 crore from ticket sales.

    Ponniyin Selvan 2 OTT Release Date:

    Fans of Ponniyin Selvan have been thrilled by a recent tweet from Ramesh Bala. The success of PS 1, which has grossed over 500 crores and is still making money, has generated a lot of excitement among fans. Ramesh Bala's tweet suggested that the movie is still earning well. 

    The release date for the second part of Ponniyin Selvan has been announced, adding to the excitement. While the first part of the movie has already been made available on the OTT platform Amazon Prime Video, fans can now enjoy the Hindi version of the film on the same platform.

    Ponniyin Selvan 2 StarCast:

    The creation of such a spectacular movie requires a large ensemble cast and many other skilled professionals. The following table showcases the star-studded cast of 'Ponniyin Selvan 2':






    Starcast Name:

    • Vikram as Aditha Karikalan
    • Trisha as Kundavai Devi
    • Jayaram as Azhwarkkadiyan Nambi
    • Jayam Ravi as Arulmozhi Varman
    • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in dual roles as Nandini and Mandakini Devi
    • Karthi as Vallavaraiyan Vanthiyathevan
    • Vikram Prabhu as Parthibendran Pallavan
    • R. Sarathkumar as Periya Pazhuvettarayar
    • Sobhita Dhulipala as Vaanathi
    • Aishwarya Lekshmi as Poonguzhali
    • Prabhu as Periya Vellar Boothi Vikramakesari
    • Jayachitra as Sembiyan Mahadevi
    • R. Parthiban as Chinna Pazhuvettarayar
    • Lal as Thirukovalur Malaiyaman
    • Prakash Raj as Sundara Chola
    • Ashwin Kakumanu as Sendhan Amudhan
    • Rahman as Madhurantakan
    • Babu Antony as Khottiga
    • Vinodhini Vaidyanathan as Vasuki.

    Ponniyin Selvan 2 Shooting:

    According to reports, the filming of 'Ponniyin Selvan 2' was conducted simultaneously with the shooting of the first part. The production of both parts was completed within a span of 150 days, with filming taking place in various locations in Tamil Nadu, India, as well as in Thailand, Orchha, Gwalior, Puducherry, Mysore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, MP, and other beautiful locations across India. 

    The movie boasts a budget of approximately Rs 500 Crores, with music composed by the renowned A.R. Rahman.

    Ponniyin Selvan 2 Trailer:

    After the success of the PS I, the second part of the movie trailer has been released on YouTube. We have already discussed the PS 2 Release Date and believe that you will like the new part as well. Currently, the Teaser of PS II has launched, and it has gained a response from the public with the title “The Chalos are Back”.

    How Can I Watch Ponniyin Selvan 2 Movie?

     Ponniyin Selvan 2 movie has not been released yet. The first part of the movie, PS: I, was released on September 30, 2022. The release date of the second part is yet to be officially announced by the makers.

    However, once the movie is released, it may be available to watch in theaters or on streaming platforms. You can check with your local theaters or streaming services to see if and when it will be available for viewing. Additionally, you can keep an eye on official announcements or news updates regarding the movie's release.

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