Countries With Most Miss Universe Crowns 2024: R'Bonney Gabriel Ninth American to Win Miss Universe Title

Road to Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador: A Global Celebration of Beauty and Culture

Miss universe 2023
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The 72nd edition of the Miss Universe pageant is set to take place in El Salvador on November 18, 2023. Let's explore the countries with the most Miss Universe wins.

The United States has the most winners of Miss Universe:

The United States leads with the most victories in the Miss Universe pageant, boasting a total of nine winners. The first triumph occurred in 1954, when Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson claimed the title. Subsequent victories followed in 1956, 1960, 1967, 1980, 1995, 1997, 2012, and 2022. R'Bonney Gabriel broke the drought in 2022, although the pageant was postponed to avoid conflicting with the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The United States' Nine Miss Universe Winners:

1. Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson (1954)

2. Carol Ann Laverne Morris (1956)

3. Linda Jeanne Bement (1960)

4. Sylvia Louise Hitchcock (1967)

5. Shawn Nichols Weatherly (1980)

6. Chelsi Mariam-Pearl Smith (1995)

7. Brook Antoniette Mahealani Lee (1997)

8. Olivia Frances Culpo (2012)

9. R'Bonney Gabriel (2023)

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Venezuela's Impressive Record: Second Most Wins:

Venezuela holds the second-most wins in the Miss Universe pageant, securing victory seven times. The South American country claimed the title in 1979, 1981, 1986, 1996, 2008, 2009, and 2013. Notably, Venezuela is the only nation with a repeated winner, with Dayana Sabrina Mendoza crowning Stefanía Fernández in 2009.

Venezuela's Seven Miss Universe Winners:

1. Maritza Salayero Fernandez (1979)

2. Irene Lailín Sáez Conde (1981)

3. Bárbara Pérez Hernández (1986)

4. Alicia Machado (1996)

5. Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada (2008)

6. Stefanía Fernández Krupij (2009)

7. María Gabriela de Jesús Isler (2013)

Puerto Rico's Strong Presence: Third in Victories:

Puerto Rico holds the third position with a total of five Miss Universe titles. Despite a 17-year hiatus without a crown, Puerto Rico has a strong historical presence in the pageant.

Puerto Rico's Five Miss Universe Winners:

1. Marisol Malaret Contreras (1970)

2. Deborah Fatima Carthy Deu (1985)

3. Dayanara Torres Delgado (1993)

4. Denise Marie Quiñones (2001)

5. Zuleyka Jerris Rivera (2006)

Other leading countries:

Following the top three, the Philippines has secured four titles, while India, Mexico, South Africa, and Sweden each have three. Additionally, France, Colombia, Japan, Canada, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Finland, and Brazil have two victories each.


Q1: When and where will the Miss Universe 2023 pageant take place?

A1: The 72nd edition of the Miss Universe pageant is scheduled for November 18, 2023, and will be hosted in El Salvador.

Q2: Which country has the most Miss Universe wins?

A2: The United States leads with nine Miss Universe victories, followed by Venezuela with seven and Puerto Rico with five.

Q3: Who are the most recent Miss Universe winners from the United States?

A3: R'Bonney Gabriel secured the Miss Universe crown for the United States in the 2022 pageant.

Q4: Has any country achieved repeated victories in Miss Universe?

A4: Yes, Venezuela is the only country to have repeated victories, with Dayana Sabrina Mendoza crowning her compatriot Stefanía Fernández in 2009.

Q5: How many Miss Universe titles does Puerto Rico have, and when was their last win?

A5: Puerto Rico has won the Miss Universe title five times, with the last victory in 2006 by Zuleyka Jerris Rivera.


The Miss Universe pageant, set to take place in El Salvador in 2023, continues to be a global spectacle, showcasing the beauty, grace, and diversity of women from around the world. The United States stands as the leading country in Miss Universe victories, with an impressive record of nine titleholders. Venezuela follows closely with seven wins, and Puerto Rico holds a strong third position with five crowns. These achievements not only celebrate individual beauty but also reflect the cultural richness and international camaraderie of the pageant.

As we anticipate the next Miss Universe, the legacy of past winners and the ongoing commitment to empowerment and representation remain at the forefront. The pageant serves as a platform for women to shine and make a positive impact on the world.

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