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About TheMoviesz.com

TheMoviesz.com is an Indian website that focuses on film reviews, interviews, box office collection, and feature criticism. Nilesh Kumar founded it in May 2022. Visitors can obtain daily movie news updates as well as full histories of films in the development and pre-production stages. Originally a small online publication, the site has grown greatly to more than 1.1 million monthly users. home to a wide collection of movie information, including past and new releases, trailers and clips, box office figures, showtimes, and movie theater locations.

Overview Information:

  • Type of site:  Entertainment (Movie Review)
  • Available in:  English
  • Founder: Nilesh Kumar
  • URL: www.themoviesz.com
  • Launched: May 2022
  • Current status: Active

Ownership and Language:

The internationally renowned organization is the proprietor of the website, which is available in English. This support guarantees a stable and dependable platform for consumers looking for a wide variety of movie-related information.

Content and development:

TheMoviesz.com has seen exponential development from its humble beginnings as a relatively small online newspaper, and it currently boasts over 1.1 million monthly visitors. The portal features a vast library of movie-related content, including both recent and older titles. Trailers, snippets, box office data, and information on movie theaters and showtimes are just a few of the wealth of information available to visitors.

Founder's Vision:

TheMoviesz.com was founded by Nilesh Kumar and represents the vision of a person who is deeply interested in movies. Thanks to Kumar's efforts, the website is now a popular spot to find daily updates on cinema news and in-depth analyses of movies that are still in the pre-production and development stages.

Engaging and Active:

TheMoviesz.com is still a dynamic and active site as of the most recent upgrade, keeping up with the ever-changing film industry. This website is a great resource for both casual moviegoers and professionals in the business because users can rely on it for accurate and timely information.


The website's increasing popularity and constant flow of more than 1.1 million monthly visitors show its trustworthiness and attraction, even though no exact rating is given. It's clear that TheMoviesz.com is becoming a dependable resource for movie buffs, adding a great deal to the conversation about Indian films.

★★★★☆ (4 out of 5)

In summary:

TheMoviesz.com is a monument to the love of movies and the vision of Nilesh Kumar, the site's creator. The website is still a major force in the online entertainment industry, drawing people in with its wide range of educational and entertaining material and continuously expanding user base.

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