Who is Jake Lockley? Moon Knight's third personality in Marvel comics is explained, and things you should know about it

Who is Jake Lockley: The Strongest Side: Moon Knight's Mightiest Persona

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Jake Lockley Moon Knight: Jake Lockley is a fictional character within the Marvel Comics universe, specifically one of the alter egos of Marc Spector, also known as Moon Knight. Created by writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin, Moon Knight made his debut in "Werewolf by Night" #32 in 1975.

Marc Spector, the alter ego of Moon Knight, is a former Marine, CIA operative, and mercenary. Betrayed and left dead by his employer, he is resurrected by the Egyptian god Khonshu to become his earthly avatar. Moon Knight possesses multiple personalities, with one of them being Jake Lockley. In this persona, Marc adopts the role of a taxicab driver, providing him with a covert means to gather valuable information on the streets. 

Overview Table

Full Name Jake Lockley
AliasLunar Legionnaire
First of Khonshu
Moon Man
Mr. Knight
CreatorDoug Moench, Don Perlin
First TV AppearanceThe Goldfish Problem
Played ByGideon Emery, Wayne Lundy
Fictional UniverseMarvel Universe

Origins of Jake Lockley:

In the Marvel comics, Jake Lockley is one of Moon Knight's alter egos, strategically adopted by Marc Spector to navigate the criminal underworld. While Spector's core identity remains that of a mercenary, he dons the persona of posh millionaire Steven Grant to infiltrate the upper echelons of society. On the flip side, Jake Lockley is a gritty cab driver with connections deep within the seedy underbelly, akin to Batman's Matches Malone. This duality allows Moon Knight to maintain a network of informants and stay steps ahead of adversaries.

moon knight jake lockley
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Psychological Struggles:

But when Jake Lockley enters the scene, things get tough for Marc Spector. Balancing the roles of Moon Knight, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley alongside his true self becomes really hard. This messes with Spector's mind, making him struggle to stay mentally stable. Trying to handle all these different sides of himself blurs the lines between them, and it eventually leads to a breakdown. Moon Knight's split personality disorder fractures his mind into separate personalities, each with its own memories and understanding, making his character even more complicated. 

MCU's Jake Lockley:

In the Moon Knight series finale, Jake Lockley's arrival is a game-changer, deviating slightly from the comics. The resolution of the showdown between Khonshu and Ammit sees Marc Spector seemingly parting ways with Khonshu. To viewers' surprise, Jake Lockley takes the spotlight in the final scene, carrying out a ruthless act under Khonshu's influence.


Implications for the MCU:

The emergence of Jake Lockley in the MCU raises intriguing questions about the character's future. Khonshu's claim that Spector was more broken than he realised implies Lockley's role as the most violent aspect of Khonshu's Avatar. This twist may have consequences for the larger MCU, especially if Lockley's brutal methods amplify Khonshu's influence.


Comparisons to comics:

The comic storyline "Avengers: Age of Khonshu" offers a glimpse into the potential consequences of Lockley as Khonshu's Avatar. In this narrative, Moon Knight is empowered to take on the entire Avengers, hinting at the possibility of Lockley turning into a formidable antagonist within the MCU.


7 Things You Should Know About Jake Lockley 

1. Jake Lockley is a fictional character: Jake Lockley is a made-up character in comic books, part of the Moon Knight series.

2. Persona of Moon Knight: Within Moon Knight's multiple personalities, Jake Lockley is one of them, representing a street-smart taxi driver.

3. Taxi Driver Role: As Jake Lockley, Moon Knight operates as a taxi driver, using this identity to gather information about street-level crime.

4. Street-Level Vigilante: Jake Lockley's persona allows Moon Knight to connect with people on the streets and obtain valuable information for crime-fighting.

5. Personality Dynamics: Moon Knight's different personas, including Jake Lockley, are not just disguises; they reflect different aspects of his personality, exploring themes of mental health.

6. Role in Moon Knight Comics: Jake Lockley is a recurring character in Moon Knight comic book runs, contributing to the complexity of Moon Knight's character.

7. Potential Adaptations: Moon Knight, including Jake Lockley, may be featured in TV shows or movies, like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing the character to a broader audience.

Why Jake Lockley Speaks Spanish ?

In a conversation with Oscar Isaac, Curtis explored the details of Moon Knight's finale episode and the intriguing post-credit tease. The discussion touched upon the significance of Jake Lockley speaking Spanish, with Curtis being questioned about its importance to Isaac, who hails from Guatemala. In response, Curtis disclosed that the decision for Jake to speak Spanish was wholly Isaac's brainchild, underscoring the actor's active involvement in shaping the character and infusing cultural authenticity into the narrative.


As the Moon Knight series concludes its first season, the introduction of Jake Lockley adds an intriguing layer to the character's narrative. Whether this enigmatic persona will play a pivotal role in Moon Knight's future appearances, be it in a second season or a feature film, remains a mystery. However, one thing is clear: Jake Lockley's presence has the potential to usher in a new era for Moon Knight, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the character's next steps in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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