Black Knight Movie Review 2023 Release date & Plot And All You Need To Know About Kim Woo-Bin's K-Drama

Black Knight Movie Review 2023 Release date
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    In this dystopian world of 2071, a catastrophic event occurred in the past when a comet collided with Earth, causing the death of 99% of the global population. As a result, Seoul has become a barren wasteland, where resources such as oxygen and food are scarce, and only certain privileged groups receive them through couriers. Those who are denied access to these resources are known as refugees and rely on the help of a covert group of couriers called the black knights.

     Among these black knights, the most heroic is 5-8, who is determined to thwart the evil Chun-myung empire, which holds more power than the government. The sci-fi series Black Knight, featuring Kim Woo-bin (from Master and Our Blues), was created by the highly acclaimed writing and directing duo of Cho Ui-seok and Kim Hyun-deok.

    Black Knight Tv Show Overview 

    Film NameBlack Knight
    Release date12th May 2023
    DirectorCho Ui-seok's 
    • Cast
    • Kim Woo Bin
    • Kang Yoo - Seok
    • Esom
    • Song Seung - heon

    OTT PlatformNetflix
    Running TimeN/A
    • Action
    • Dystopia
    • Science Fiction
    Production CompanyNetflix

    Black Knight Release date

    The sci-fi series 'Black Knight' takes place in the year 2071, where the devastating effects of air pollution have plagued the planet, leading to a situation where only select elite couriers are crucial for survival. Kim Woo-bin plays the character of '5-8', one of these essential delivery drivers.

     The series, comprising of six episodes, is all set to be streamed worldwide on Netflix, starting May 12th.

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    Black Knight Storyline

    After a comet struck Earth and decimated the population, the remaining survivors were classified into four socioeconomic classes. Each class resides in designated districts and is marked with a QR code tattoo that allows them access to essential resources such as oxygen and food. However, 5-8, a renowned deliveryman, works secretly to distribute these resources to refugees who have been denied access to them. 

    Sa-wol, a young refugee who resides illegally with Major General Seol-ah and her sister Seul-ah, aspires to be a courier like 5-8. When fate brings 5-8 and Sa-wol together, they join forces to fight against the unjust system.

    Who’s in Star Cast of  Black Knight?

    • Kim Woo-bin as 5-8 
    • Kang You-seok  as Sa-wol 
    • Esom as Seol-ah
    • Song Seung-heon  as Ryu Seok

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    FAQ'S Related Question

    • Who is the lead actor in 'Black Knight'?
    Ans: Kim Woo-bin is the lead actor in 'Black Knight'.
    • When does 'Black Knight' premiere on Netflix?
    Ans: 'Black Knight' premiered on May 12th, as per the post.
    • Who are the creators of 'Black Knight'?
    Ans: The series was created by the well-known writing-directing team of Cho Ui-seok and Kim Hyun-deok.

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