Radhika Madan's Jaw-Dropping Film Shoot: How 'Kacchey Limbu' Wrapped in Just 18 Days!

 Radhika Madan's "Kacchey Limbu" Completes Shooting in Just 18 Days!

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    "Kacchey Limbu," a heartwarming sibling drama starring Radhika Madan, has recently wrapped up its shoot in an impressive duration of only 18 days. The film, produced by Jio Studios and Mango People Media, revolves around the bond between a brother and his younger sister and explores their relationship in the backdrop of cricket. The movie is now available for streaming on Jio Cinema.

    Efficient Filming Strategy:

    Director Shubham Yogi shared insights into the film's expedited shooting schedule, highlighting their clever utilization of a housing society location for a majority of the story and its climactic moments. By dividing the day and night hours creatively and efficiently, the team maximized their productivity. 

    Shubham also took advantage of writing multiple scenes set in the same location, which contributed to streamlining the shoot. The director expressed gratitude towards his experienced crew, including the producers Neha and Pranjal, and associate director Asthasoom Sharma, who played instrumental roles in achieving the ambitious goal of completing the shoot within 18 days.

    Collaborative Efforts:

    To ensure a smooth production process, the team invested in detailed shot breakdowns, conducted days-long workshops with the actors, and dedicated extensive hours to cricket training. These measures helped them overcome the challenges associated with such a tight shooting schedule. Additionally, the film's director of photography, Piyush Puty, played a crucial role in delivering visually stunning shots while maintaining efficiency on the set.

    The Sibling Story:

    "Kacchey Limbu" revolves around the lives of Aditi (played by Radhika Madan) and her elder brother Akash (portrayed by Rajat Barmecha). Both characters face their own set of challenges in life. The plot takes an interesting turn when the siblings find themselves on opposing teams in a cricket match, testing their bond and resilience.

    Kacchey Limbu Trailer

    A Memorable Experience:

    Director Shubham Yogi expressed his pride and gratitude for the entire team's dedication and hard work, emphasizing that this unique filming experience would be cherished by everyone involved in the project.

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