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Who is is a Popular Bollywood entertainment website that provides news, reviews, and information about Indian films. It covers a wide range of topics related to the Indian film industry, including box office collections, film reviews, celebrity news, and industry updates. is known for its comprehensive coverage of Bollywood and has a significant user base interested in staying updated on the latest in the world of Indian cinema. It often publishes box office reports, analysis, and articles related to the performances of Bollywood movies.

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Ad Unit Specifications:

1. The file size: must be under 100KB.

2. Frame Rate: Between 12 and 16 fps.

3. Animation Limit: Restricted to 15 seconds; all animations should cease before this duration.

4. Looping: not allowed. A replay button is permitted for standard creative.

5. Sound: User-initiated sound is allowed, but file loading is not permitted.

6. Backup Image: Mandatory for all creatives.

7. Branding: The last frame must prominently feature the company's branding.

Accepted File Formats:

Images: PNG, JPEG, GIF, HTML 5, and 3rd party tags (with borders for images).

HTML Guidelines:

  • An HTML document is mandatory.

  • If CSS is used, it should be in separate files.

  • If JavaScript is used, it should be in separate files.

  • Media formats: PSD, JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, OGV, and WEBM for images and videos.

  • GWD:If using Google Web Designer (GWD), the file should be provided in an open format (not published).


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Pricing Details:

For Indian's : ₹ 3000/- Weekly

For US: $99 Weekly

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