Attack on Titan Ending Explained 2023: Finale Review, Understanding Attack on Titan's Finale

Attack on Titan Ending Explained: A Decade-Long Journey Comes to an End, Understanding Attack on Titan's Finale

attack on titan last episode explanation
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Attack on Titan Ending Explained: After a decade of anticipation, the epic saga of Attack on Titan has come to a close, leaving fans with a mix of emotions. The series finale, titled "Towards the Tree on That Hill," brings an end to the conflict that has gripped fans worldwide. Here's a breakdown of the finale, its key moments, and what it all means for the characters and the world they inhabit.

Summary of the Final Battle

In the climax of the series, Eren, having unlocked the power of the Founding Titan, triggers the Rumbling—a cataclysmic event involving countless Titans sent to annihilate humanity beyond Paradise Island. Armin, Mikasa, Levi, and their allies join forces with some Marleyan soldiers to stop Eren and prevent this genocide. The battle is fierce, resulting in significant losses, including the beloved character Hange. Amidst the chaos, Armin finds himself in the Paths dimension, encountering Zeke, the Beast Titan. Through compassion and understanding, Armin convinces Zeke to resist Eren's control, leading to a turning point in the battle.

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Eren's Last Stand and Mikasa's Resolve

Eren's determination to protect Paradise Island fuels his final transformation. He faces off against Armin, but Mikasa, torn between her love for Eren and the need to stop him, delivers the decisive blow, ending Eren's life and halting the rumbling. In a bittersweet moment, Mikasa bids farewell to Eren, signifying the end of their complex relationship.

What Comes Next and What It Means

Following Eren's demise, the Eldians lose their Titan powers, returning to humanity. However, tensions persist globally, with the legacy of the Titans continuing to haunt the world. Armin and his friends strive for peace, attending a summit despite the challenges. The closing scenes, shrouded in mystery, hint at a cycle of violence persisting, leaving the fate of Paradise Island uncertain.

Attack on titan final episode


1. What was the significance of Armin's conversation with Zeke in the Paths dimension?

A1: Armin's discussion with Zeke emphasised the value of life's small joys and the power of compassion. This conversation led to the spirits of deceased Titan Shifters aiding in the fight against Eren, highlighting the importance of understanding and empathy even in the face of immense conflict.

2. Why did Mikasa ultimately decide to kill Eren?

A2: Mikasa's decision to kill Eren stemmed from her realisation that it was necessary to stop the rumbling and save humanity. Despite her love for Eren, she understood the greater good, leading to her heartbreaking but essential choice.

3. What does the ending imply for the future of Paradise Island and the world?

A3: The ending leaves the future uncertain, with Paradise Island in ruins and the possibility of Titan Power resurfacing. The cyclical nature of violence suggests that challenges persist, leaving the interpretation of the world's fate open-ended and subject to the audience's imagination.

In the end, Attack on Titan's conclusion offers closure to its characters while raising thought-provoking questions about the nature of humanity, sacrifice, and the pursuit of peace in a world marked by conflict.

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