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Join Moana and Maui on an Exciting New Journey Across the Ocean to Face New Challenges and Discover Hidden Mysteries

Moana 2 Release date
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No one has been able to forget the 2016’s animated masterpiece Moana till now and now it's time to see how that story moves forward with Moana 2 directed by David Derrick. The first part won hearts globally with its amazing animation, music and a story narrative and now Moana 2 is expecting to see both, their old fans and some audience to come and watch the film from 27th November 2024 onwards.


Overview Table:

Film NameMoana 2
Release dateNovember, 27th 2024
Directed ByDavid Derrick Jr.
Star Cast
  • Auliʻi Cravalho
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Temuera Morrison
  • Nicole Scherzinger
  • Khaleesi Lambert - Tsuda
  • Rose Matafeo
  • David Fane
  • Hualalai Chung
  • Alan Tudyk

Original LanguageEnglish
CountryUnited States


The first "Moana" took viewers to a vivid Polynesian island where the ocean chooses the main character, Moana Waialiki, to heal the heart of Te Fiti, the goddess who created all life. With the demigod Maui by her side, Moana goes on a dangerous journey across the sea, faced by terrifying monsters and her own insecurities. During this voyage, she discovers her true identity and fulfils her destiny as a way finder, bringing peace to her island and the globe.

Plot summary

In "Moana 2," Moana, the chief of Motunui, faces a new threat to the ocean's balance. Guided by an ancestor's vision, she sets out on an undersea mission to discover Tiamat, an ancient creature capable of restoring harmony. Moana is accompanied by Maui and new allies Nalu and Kai as she navigates through gorgeous underwater ecosystems and dangerous caves, finding secrets and overcoming challenges that test her endurance and deepen her connection to the ocean.

Look and feel of the movie

The look and feel of any movie are very unique and are very important in order to make it believable for the audience, and the same goes for this film too.The visual palette of this film makes the underwater world very realistic and vibrant. Not just realistic, the contrast used creates a good visual experience too.

The production design for this film is worth appreciating. The underwater world is a mix of realism and fantasy, which, in the end, makes it unforgettable for the audience.

The same goes for character design, too. Whether that be creating the marine life or the costumes of the characters, it is done very beautifully and with a lot of thought in it. The marine life is just something out of imagination but is designed in a way that it looks realistic and memorable, while the clothes and accessories of the characters reflect Polynesian culture.

Not just clothes and accessories; the music also comes from Polynesian music. There are also some modern melodies mixed with traditional sounds, creating a very engaging experience in terms of music. Not just the music, but the sound design of this film makes it a little more real with the realistic sounds of water, bubbles, and marine life. These real sounds add depth to the scenes and the overall film. Another thing that gives a dynamic cinematic experience while watching this film is its camera movements and lighting. Camera movements under the water mimic the sense of swimming. The close-up scenes of characters or marine life show the beautiful animation and add emotional depth. The use of lighting in the film makes the underwater scenes beautiful and realistic.

The overall tone of this film remains quite inspiring and hopeful, including some moments of humor, adventure, and heartfelt connections. The intense scenes are balanced with light moments, creating a well-rounded experience for the audience.


  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Auli’I Cravalho
  • Temuera Morrison
  • Alan Tudyk
  • Nicole Scherzinger

Additional cast

  • Rose Matafeo
  • David Fane

What audience is expecting

After Moana, the audience has a lot of expectations for this upcoming sequel.

The audience can expect more character depth and development, like they would love to see Moana evolve more as a leader and a wayfinder, showing her strength and wisdom more than in the first part, and they are also expecting to see more depth in Maui’s character.

Fans are hoping and expecting to see some new characters, either new allies or new enemies. Fans feel new entries can improve the narrative and make it more engaging for the audience.

The first part was released in 2016, so in 8 years, fans have some high expectations in terms of visuals. Fans are expecting the quality of the animation to be better and the underwater scenes to be more realistic and visually stunning. Viewers are expecting the boundaries to be pushed when it comes to visuals.

In terms of music and soundtrack, fans are expecting something that is more memorable and unforgettable and enhances the narrative.

Fans have a lot of expectations from the narrative. Fans are expecting emotional depth with scenes that evoke laughter, tears, and something that resonates with both children and adults.

The audience is also hoping for a balance between humor and adventure, which will bring a wider audience too. Fans are expecting some family-friendly content, ensuring that Moana 2 is a film that families can watch and enjoy together.



Moana 2 promises an amazing continuation to the journey that started in 2016, which will dive deeper underwater. With high expectations about animations, new characters, and narrative, fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel. On November 27, 2024, fans can expect a beautiful and memorable cinematic experience, so don’t forget to watch it in theaters.

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