'The Equalizer 3:' First Look, Release Date, Plot, Cast, netflix, trailer, And More

"The Equalizer 3" promises to deliver another adrenaline-fueled ride with Denzel Washington reprising his role as Robert McCall, aided by director Antoine Fuqua's signature visual style and action-packed storytelling.

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    The Equalizer 3: Scheduled for release on September 1, 2023, "The Equalizer 3" is an upcoming American vigilante action film directed by Antoine Fuqua. It serves as the sequel to the 2018 film "The Equalizer 2," which was based on the TV series of the same name. The movie features the dynamic duo of Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning, sharing the screen for the first time since 2004's "Man on Fire."

    The plot follows the retired U.S. Marine and former CIA officer Robert McCall, played by Washington, as he takes on new challenges. "The Equalizer 3" marks the fifth collaboration between Washington and Fuqua, having previously worked together on "Training Day" (2001), "The Equalizer" (2014), "The Magnificent Seven" (2016), and "The Equalizer 2" (2018). Sony Pictures Releasing is set to distribute the film.

    The Equalizer 3 Release date:

    "The Equalizer 3," the highly anticipated third installment in the popular action-thriller franchise, has been announced by Sony Pictures Releasing to hit the big screens on September 1, 2023. Denzel Washington will reprise his role as Robert McCall, a former special operations agent who uses his skills to assist those in need, promising fans the same level of intense action and suspense as its predecessors.

    As the release date is still a few months away, fans of the franchise are expected to eagerly await any updates or news about the upcoming film. Sony Pictures Releasing is likely to generate excitement among fans by releasing trailers, posters, and other promotional materials as the release date approaches.

    Star Cast

     The cast of "The Equalizer 3" has only been confirmed to feature two actors - Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning. 

    • Denzel Washington as Robert McCall
    • Dakota Fanning
    • Sonia Ben Ammar
    • Remo Girone
    • Andrea Dodero
    • Eugenio Mastrandrea
    • Andrea Scarduzio
    • Salvatore Ruocco
    • Daniele Perrone
    • Gaia Scodellaro


    During August of 2018, Antoine Fuqua declared his intentions to carry on with the film series. He showed keen interest in setting the plot in an international location.


    On October 10, 2022, principal photography for "The Equalizer 3" commenced on the picturesque Amalfi Coast in Italy. The shooting went on in the region until November 20, after which the production moved to Naples in early December. 

    The filming process concluded in January 2023, in Rome. Once again, Antoine Fuqua helmed the director's chair, and Denzel Washington confirmed that it would be his next project. Renowned cinematographer Robert Richardson worked on the film as the director of photography, having previously collaborated with Fuqua on "Emancipation."

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