Murder Mystery 2 Movie Review: Netflix Comedy With Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston

"Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Bring Genuine Star Power to Lackluster Sequel of their Action-Packed Netflix Comedy"

Murder Mystery 2 Movie Review: Netflix Comedy With Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston
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    Nick and Audrey Spitz, who are now full-time private detectives endeavoring to establish their own agency, are unexpectedly thrown into an international abduction case when their close friend, the Maharaja, is taken captive during his opulent wedding ceremony.

    Murder Mystery 2 Overview

    Film NameMurder Mystery 2
    Release date31 March 2023
    DirectorJeremy Gareclick
    • Jennifer Anniston
    • Adam Sandler
    •  Melaine Laurent
    • Kuhoo Verma
    • Adeel Akhtar
    • Mark Strong 

    OTT PlatformNetflix
    Running Time1h 29min
    • Mystery
    • Comedy
    Production CompanyNetflix

    Murder Mystery 2 Movie Review

    Nick and Audrey Spitz are back with their signature screwball comedy and witty banter in the sequel to the 2019 Netflix hit "Murder Mystery". In this second installment, the Brooklyn-based couple have started their own detective agency but are struggling to find work. Their luck changes when they're invited to a lavish Indian wedding, where their friend Vikram is kidnapped. The list of suspects is long, but with the help of Miller, the author of their detective manual, Nick and Audrey begin their sleuthing and comedic misadventures.

    Director Jeremy Galerick and screenwriter James Vanderbilt have delivered another entertaining murder-mystery romp that combines vicarious tourism with pratfalls and grand entrances. The sequel features a star-studded cast, including Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Mark Strong, who lend their comic timing and charm to the film. The film also retains the same delightful chemistry between Nick and Audrey that made the first installment such a hit.

    While the film is less heavy on random comedy, it makes up for it with its focus on improvisational detective work and thrilling action. The plot takes the duo to Paris, where they negotiate the ransom and solve the case. With witty one-liners, well-choreographed action scenes, and a vibrant international setting, "Murder Mystery 2" is a delightful addition to the genre. Fans of the first film will enjoy seeing Nick and Audrey back in action, and newcomers will be delighted by the entertaining blend of comedy and suspense.


    On March 31, 2023, I reviewed a movie starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and gave it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. I found their on-screen chemistry as a married couple to be very natural and effortless, which is likely a result of their real-life friendship that has spanned many years. Overall, their strong dynamic made for an enjoyable viewing experience.

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