Rajamouli's Dominance Leaves Fans of Other Star Heroes Engaged in a Numbers Battle: FAQ's Explained

Fan Rivalry Intensifies: Rajamouli's Box Office Dominance Sparks Numbers Battle Among Star Hero Fans

Rajamouli's Dominance Leaves Fans of Other Star Heroes Engaged in a Numbers Battle: FAQ's Explained
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    The recent re-release of NTR's blockbuster film Simhadri has triggered a frenzy among fans of various star heroes, with each fanbase claiming records and engaging in heated debates over box office collections. This article aims to shed light on the situation, exploring the influence of director Rajamouli's massive success and addressing frequently asked questions regarding this ongoing fan rivalry.

    What is the current controversy surrounding the re-release of NTR's Simhadri?

    The re-release of Simhadri, coinciding with the actor's birthday, has reignited the fan rivalry between followers of different star heroes. Each fanbase claims their favorite hero's film has set records, leading to conflicting narratives and social media trends.

    Why are fans fighting over the collections of films released many years ago?

    Fans' passion for their beloved star heroes often transcends time and becomes a matter of pride and competition. The collections of past films symbolize the commercial success of their respective idols and provide a platform for fans to showcase their hero's popularity.

    Is Rajamouli responsible for this frenzy?

    Rajamouli's monumental success in the film industry, particularly with films like Baahubali and the recent magnum opus RRR, has set new benchmarks at the box office. His movies have consistently shattered records, making other collections pale in comparison. As a result, fans of non-Rajamouli star heroes engage in a numbers battle to prove their heroes' prowess.

    How does Rajamouli's dominance affect the fan rivalry?

    Rajamouli's films, irrespective of the star cast, tend to accumulate massive collections and create new milestones in terms of box office records. Consequently, fans are more inclined to focus on Rajamouli's records, as they often surpass the 1000 Crore mark, while other films usually range between 100-200 Crores. This discrepancy in numbers lessens the excitement of competing for non-Rajamouli records.

    What can be inferred from this ongoing fan rivalry?

    The fan rivalry over box office numbers reflects the ardent devotion fans have for their favorite star heroes. It underscores the importance they place on their heroes' success and the desire to establish their superiority over other fanbases. However, it is essential to remember that these debates are subjective and may not truly reflect the artistic or cinematic merit of the films in question.


    The ongoing battle among fans over the collections of re-released films highlights the immense passion and loyalty that fans have for their star heroes. While the dominance of Rajamouli's films at the box office has shifted the focus towards his records, it is important to appreciate the artistry and diverse talents within the industry. 

    Let us celebrate the achievements of all our favorite stars and create an atmosphere of healthy competition rather than engaging in divisive debates over collections.

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