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    The narrative of 'The Kerala Story' revolves around three young girls hailing from different parts of Kerala, but it primarily centers on the account of Shalini. She is forcefully taken away and coerced into converting to Islam. As a result, she is radicalized and compelled to become an ISIS terrorist.

    The Kerala Story Movie Release date

    'The Kerala Story' has now been released worldwide on May 5, 2023, after much anticipation from the audience. The film's creators announced the release date through various social media platforms.

    The Kerala Story Movie Review

    'The Kerala Story' is a film that delves into the alleged radicalization and forced conversion of young Hindu women to Islam in Kerala, followed by their recruitment into ISIS. The story revolves around three young girls from different parts of Kerala, with a particular focus on Shalini, played by Adah Sharma, who is being interrogated for her involvement with the terrorist organization.

    Director Sudipto Sen handles the sensitive and complex subject matter with ease, evoking a natural uneasiness among viewers with the disturbing scenes, moments, and dialogues. The performances by the newcomers, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, and Siddhi Idnani, are noteworthy, with Adah Sharma's portrayal of Shalini being particularly powerful and emotionally stirring. She puts in considerable effort to get the Malayali accent right, which is evident on screen.

    The film's treatment of the subject matter can be challenging to watch at times, with certain scenes and moments being dull and uninteresting, especially when Asifa tries to brainwash and radicalize Shalini. The rape scene in the ISIS slave camp is extremely disturbing and should be approached with caution.

    'The Kerala Story' feels more like a tutorial on radicalization than entertainment, going to extremes to make its point, which could be unsettling for audiences belonging to different communities in the country. The background score is overpowering and distracts from the narrative.

    Despite its flaws, the film manages to leave an impact, provoking thought and leaving the audience with several questions about the state of the country. Prasantanu Mohaptra's excellent cinematography captures the scenes in Afghanistan and the border regions of Afghanistan-Pakistan, adding to the film's overall impact.

    The Kerala Story Movie Star Cast - Performance

    Adah Sharma's performance in 'The Kerala Story' is commendable, as she pushes herself to deliver impactful scenes. However, the film itself is not worthy of her talent. In the first half, her character is portrayed as a caricature of naivety, but she gets to experiment and showcase her range in the second half. Unfortunately, the film does not do justice to Adah's abilities.

    The other actors in the film follow a singular tone assigned to them and perform their roles as expected by the director.

    Star Cast:

    • Adah Sharma
    • Yogita Bihani
    • Siddhi Idnani
    • Sonia Balani
    • Devadarshini

    The Kerala Story Movie - Direction, Music

    It appears that Sudipto Sen has missed the mark in capturing the importance of nuances and poignancy in 'The Kerala Story.' As a filmmaker who has already created a documentary on this subject titled 'In The Name Of Love,' one would expect a deeper understanding and sensitivity towards the topic. Unfortunately, the on-screen translation seems far from reality, as the characters do not converse like real human beings. The film also appears to have a forceful bias against a particular religion.

    While it is up to individual interpretation whether the film can be considered propaganda or not, there is undoubtedly an ideology at play that cannot be ignored.

    The Kerala Story Movie - Trailer

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