Chandramukhi 2 Movie Review: Early Reactions to Kangana Ranaut's Performance in Horror-Comedy Show Positivity

Chandramukhi 2 Review: Kangana Shines, but the Horror Lacks Bite & Raghav Lawrence

Chandramukhi 2 Movie Review
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    Release Date: September 28, 2023 Rating: 2.75/5

    Horror sequels often come with great anticipation and higher expectations, especially when the original film, like "Chandramukhi," is considered a classic in the genre.

    Chandramukhi 2 had a lot to live up to, with the return of some beloved characters and the addition of Kangana Ranaut to the cast. While the film has its moments, it falls short in delivering the thrills and chills one would expect from a horror movie.

    Overview Table

    Movie NameChandramukhi 2
    Running Time171 Minutes (2hr15Min)
    Release Date28th September 2023
    P. Vasu
    Production CompanyLyca Production
    • Raghava Lawrence 
    • Kangana Ranaut 
    • Vadivelu 
    • Raadhika Sarathkumar 
    • Lakshmi Menon 
    • Mahima Nambiar 
    • Srushti Dange 
    • Subiksha 
    Movie IndustrySouth Indian

    Kangana Ranaut's Stellar Performance

     One of the undeniable highlights of "Chandramukhi 2" is Kangana Ranaut's outstanding performance as Chandramukhi. Her portrayal is both mesmerizing and chilling, and she effortlessly steps into the iconic role. Her presence on screen is a treat, and her dance sequences are a visual delight.

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    Reimagining the Backstory

     The film attempts to revamp the backstory of Chandramukhi, which adds a fresh twist to the tale. This reimagining gives Kangana's character more depth and complexity, which she handles with finesse. Raghava Lawrence, who plays the role of Madhan, also delivers a convincing performance with strong conviction.

    Engaging Action Sequences

     "Chandramukhi 2" boasts a well-executed action sequence towards the end of the film. Kangana and Lawrence display remarkable intensity in this showdown, providing some of the film's most gripping moments.

    Emotional Scenes and Surprising Roles

     The movie manages to pull off a few emotional scenes effectively, adding depth to the characters. Lakshmi Menon's surprising role is a welcome addition and showcases her acting prowess.

    Lack of Thrills

     The most glaring flaw of "Chandramukhi 2" is its failure to deliver the essential horror elements. The film lacks the spooky atmosphere and chilling moments that define the genre. The absence of genuine thrills and jump scares is a significant disappointment for horror enthusiasts.

    Comedy Gone Wrong

    While comedy was a strong suit in the original "Chandramukhi," it turns into a major drawback in the sequel. Vadivelu's character is cliched, and the humor feels outdated and over-the-top, often irritating the audience. The poorly written love track also adds to the film's comedic woes.

    Stale Screenplay and Pacing Issues

     The screenplay format closely follows that of the original, but "Chandramukhi 2" struggles to build tension and maintain urgency throughout the story. The first half, in particular, feels disjointed and could have benefited from some trimming.

    Technical Aspects

     M.M. Keeravani's background score attempts to salvage the film, but it's let down by uninspiring writing and direction. Cinematography by Rajasekhar is decent, and the set work is commendable, but the VFX falls short of expectations. The editing could have been crisper.

    Director's Take

     P. Vasu, the director of "Chandramukhi 2," tinkers with Chandramukhi's backstory, adding drama to the narrative. While he has the powerhouse performer Kangana at his disposal, the screenplay's weak first half and unnecessary comedy scenes hamper the overall impact. The sidelining of the horror element is also perplexing.


     "Chandramukhi 2" has its moments, primarily in the second half, where the narrative gains some traction. Kangana Ranaut's remarkable performance and Lawrence's conviction in his role make it watchable to some extent. However, the film falls short in delivering the spine-tingling thrills that a horror flick should offer.

     The overused comedy, pacing issues, and lack of a truly haunting atmosphere hinder its success. While it isn't a terrible film, it fails to live up to the legacy of the original "Chandramukhi" and is likely to be remembered as just an okay watch.

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