I am Groot Season 2 Web Series: Review, Release date, Synopsis, Trailer, Cast & Characters

Baby Groot Takes Root in Space Once Again: Season 2 Promises Laughter and Cosmic Capers

i am groot season 2
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I am Groot Season 2 Release date: In celebration of National Tree Day on August 6, Marvel Studios has treated fans to an exciting sneak peek into the upcoming second season of "I Am Groot." The beloved animated short-form comedy series is set to make its return on Disney+ with five new hilarious shorts on September 6. The mischievous sapling, Baby Groot, takes center stage once again, embarking on a fresh set of adventures that promise laughter, heart, and a sprinkle of intergalactic trouble.

A Glimpse into Season 2

The newly released trailer of "I Am Groot" Season 2 has left fans buzzing with anticipation. Set aboard the Guardians' spaceships, this season promises to take Baby Groot to the farthest reaches of the universe and beyond, bringing him face-to-face (or rather, nose-to-nose) with a delightful array of new creatures and enchanting environments. This heartwarming logline hints at the boundless imagination and creativity that fuels Baby Groot's escapades as he explores the cosmos.

Overview Table


I am Groot Season 2

Release date

6th September 2023


Kirsten Lepore


Marvel Entertainment


  • Vin Diesel
  • Bradely Copper
  • Kaitlyn Robrock
  • James Gunn

OTT Platform





United States

Returning Favorites and Intriguing Additions

Vin Diesel, the talented voice behind Baby Groot, returns to lend his iconic voice to our favorite Guardian once again. This endearing character has charmed audiences since his debut, and his antics continue to captivate viewers of all ages. Written and directed by Kirsten Lepore, who helmed the first season, "I Am Groot" promises to uphold its reputation for delivering wholesome, family-friendly entertainment with a touch of Marvel magic.

Season 1's Memorable Conclusion

As we look forward to Season 2's interstellar adventures, it's worth revisiting the heartwarming conclusion of Season 1. The mischievous Groot's attempt to create a heartfelt card for his Guardians family resulted in a humorous calamity that left fans chuckling. The show's ability to blend innocence with mischief was showcased beautifully as Groot borrowed items from his sleeping companions, leading to a ship-shaking surprise.


Where to Watch

"I Am Groot" stands out as a delightful and entertaining show, offering a mix of shenanigans and kids' comedy that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. While niche shows often face challenges due to low demand, the Marvel factor ensures that "I Am Groot" will capture the attention of fans worldwide. The show's availability on Disney+ makes it easily accessible, ensuring that audiences across the globe can join Baby Groot on his cosmic escapades.


As the excitement builds for the second season of "I Am Groot," fans can anticipate another round of heartwarming and laughter-filled moments with their favorite sapling Guardian. Marvel Studios' commitment to delivering quality content shines through in this charming series, promising an enchanting ride through the cosmos with Baby Groot and his misadventures. 

Mark your calendars for September 6 and get ready to embark on a journey filled with new friends, quirky encounters, and the timeless appeal of Baby Groot's lovable spirit.

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