Tiger 3: Emraan Hashmi Opens Up About His Tiger 3 Character Aatish: 'He's Determined to Destroy Tiger

Emraan Hashmi Unveils His Villainous Avatar Aatish in Salman Khan's Tiger 3

tiger 3 movie review
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    Tiger 3 Release date: Emraan Hashmi, renowned for his versatile roles in Bollywood, is set to take the screen by storm in the highly anticipated movie Tiger 3. Playing the role of Aatish, a ruthless mercenary and the arch-nemesis of Salman Khan's character Tiger, Emraan reveals the intricacies of his character and the thrill of portraying a formidable antagonist.

    Emraan Hashmi's Transformation

    In Tiger 3, Emraan Hashmi steps into the shoes of Aatish, a character fueled by unrelenting rage and a cunning intellect. Emraan's portrayal of this distinctive villain marks a departure from traditional Bollywood antagonists. Aatish, described as cerebral, relies on his sharp mind and influential connections to execute his sinister plans.

    Emraan delves into the complexity of his character, emphasizing Aatish's singular focus: the obliteration of Tiger, his family, and the renowned super-agent's legacy.

    The Antagonist's Agenda

    Aatish's motivation is crystal clear - he desires to eliminate Tiger, viewing him as the ultimate threat to his nefarious ambitions. Aatish’s determination knows no bounds, and he is willing to manipulate authorities across countries to achieve his goals. 

    Emraan Hashmi's Aatish embodies the essence of a classic anti-hero, unafraid to bend and break the rules, creating a character that promises to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

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    Emraan Hashmi on Playing the Antagonist

    For Emraan Hashmi, portraying an anti-hero was an exhilarating experience. The actor expresses his enthusiasm for the role, highlighting the freedom that comes with playing a character unbound by conventional norms. Emraan emphasizes the thrill of embodying a character who sets his own rules, leaving an indelible mark on the audience's memory. 

    He credits director Maneesh Sharma for guiding him in shaping Aatish into a character he is immensely proud of, emphasizing the director's vision and his own dedication to bringing this compelling villain to life.

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